Translate Services

The Services cover the following languages:
  • Arabic
  • English
  • French
  • Spanish

How to request a translation?

  1. Send a detailed request to
  2. Confirmation and agreement.
  3. Document translation (you will be notified upon completion within the agreed time)
  4. Payment proccess (See payment details).
  5. Receive your translated document.

Important Notes

  • Document Format options: PDF,Word, Excel, PowerPoint, InDesign, HTML, txt. (For more please contact).
  • NO FREE translation test is provided, instead you may check the examples attached below.

The payment process

  1. You will receive a PayPal link on your email.
  2. Click on the link to go to payment page.
  3. If you a have a PayPal account you may sign in and pay, or...
  4. If you DON'T have a PayPayl choose the Credit Card option, fill required info and pay.

Translation Samples

    English Arabic
  1. Native American Culture ثقافة الهنود الحمر
  2. Civic Participation المشاركة المدنية
  3. Go to Jail! فلتذهب إلى السجن
    Arabic English
  1. Poor but Free - فقير ولكن حر
    Spanish Arabic
  1. Una pieza de historia قطعة من التاريخ
  2. El fútbol, Argentina كرة القدم، الأرجنتين
  3. El rodeo y los huasos الروديو ورعاة البقر
    French Arabic
  1. Les Alpes الآلب
  2. Un gout très raffiné مذاق خالص
  3. Le pain français الخبز الفرنسي